These Warli paintings are close to my heart and have been made using personal imagination. Every character in the painting has a place of its own and a reason for occupying a particular position. Every painting has a story to tell and I feel it gives positive vibes. It is like the stage where actors perform in front of a live audience.

During hectic shoots and theatre events, an actor experiences varied emotions while performing. While the performances are highly exciting, they stress you out physically as well as emotionally. After such hectic schedules, when I am in the need of some “me” time, I pick up my paintbrush. Then it is just me and my thoughts. As I let my thoughts flow onto the canvas, the beautiful dolls in Warli start conversing with me.

I have always been fascinated by Warli paintings and discovered that I really enjoyed doing them myself! I realized that this was the best medium to share my art with my friends, family and fans.

I hope you like it…

Art to Heart

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