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Story of RC Logo!

Logo is company’s face its identity. And it lasts for several years to come, sometimes even generations to come. For Radhika Creations as a creative house, I had my own ideas, imagination and reasons as to how the logo should look like. Its like getting pregnant and not knowing how the child looks like. It...

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Yoga and Dance

We believe actors need to know the importance of fitness, it is important for mind, body and soul. Prajakta Bharadwaj, professional yoga instructor spent valuable time with students. Had rigorous practical session. Dance, one of the performing art. I believe drama is for audience and dance is for oneself. It gives immense joy. It also...

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Makeup Session

[wds id=”4″] Makeup and getup plays very important role in building a character you play. Vrushali Tamhan professional makeup artist gave practical demonstration to students. Interesting characters like Motu Patlu, Chutki, Chota Bheems, Charlie Chaplin attended drama class. One makeup done by a boy depicting a girl made everyone laugh out loud. They also got...

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For Field Trips

We have always believed that we learn more outside the classroom than inside. To know more about the film, television, theatre industry one needs to understand the look and feel of it. And to understand one needs to see it to believe it. We have done 2 field trips and 2 are left. Watched farcical...

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Mono Acting

[wds id=”3″] Radhika believes in providing knowledge which is contemporary to the industry yet impart the basic tools and techniques known through years of experience and expertise. She believes actors are always in search of an opportunity to perform; in fact they should crave for it. Recently she organised a mono-acting event for kids between...

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Radhika Creations has a systematic approach towards teaching of drama. We have designed a contemporary course for the age group 7 to 14 years.


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