I decided to jump start 2018 with new Logo and new Website for Radhika Creations along with Radhika Creations painting exhibition. This in itself was loads of work and too many colours 🙂

Got the best of the best guests. Milind Gunaji, for the opening of the logo and website. Smita Khirsagar(educationalist) and Sunil Tawade(veteran actor) and Milind Marathe my sports coach. The date was nearing and I had an ambitious plan of 50 paintings to exhibit. I was making days out of night but the work was ending.. one moment I thought finishing seems to be never ending. Exactly at that time like the few fortunate people like me get a chance to turn the moment of weakness into strength. Few of my student called me saying, “Raddy, do you need any help? Dont forget we are there for you”. I called this moment as “दो आँखे बारा हाथ” moment. My eyes dreamt of having the paintings exhibition and next day 12 of my students were right at my door step to help me with the “denting and pain taking work”. Exhibition was only possible because you lifted me when I needed the most. Thanks to my lovely students.
From now on Radhika Creations will also be known for its team work. Cheers!

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