Logo is company’s face its identity. And it lasts for several years to come, sometimes even generations to come. For Radhika Creations as a creative house, I had my own ideas, imagination and reasons as to how the logo should look like.
Its like getting pregnant and not knowing how the child looks like. It should have all the elements, it should be self explanatory, be upmarket. Most importantly it should resonate with you and you your work and and must have a WOW! effect.
Although you might find it simple as you read but, believe me it is as difficult as carving a human figure out of a chalk.
Uttam Hasabnis is the answer to all your requirements. He is the answer to your every question. Creative mind with mastery on beautiful illustrations.

But, he will ask you many questions, until he gets into you psychic. Like an Ayurvedic doctor asks about your history before giving a medicine. I didn’t know so much of thinking goes into it.
When I first saw the logo, I got the feeling of “Yes, this is my baby!”
The only change that I suggested was the “dot” which you can see in the center. Uttam wanted wings inside. But, I was stubborn about the “dot”. Uttam finally agreed “the crazy little young lady”.
Now, that it has come out so well, let me celebrate by explaining my interpretation of the logo.

Starting from the dot.

• It represents the center stage, point, beginning, dot in the womb, protected by the surrounding elements

Peacock – it is Krishnan’s peacock or a pen

Three lines – its a crown, depicting richness, kingdom

Feathers- they are 5. For Dance, Drama, Music, Art and Sports or say 5 elements Earth, Space, Water, Wind, Fire

Lines on the top- they are the wings to fly, depicting joy, grace!

The logo has R and C in the design. Have a close look.

7 stars – depicting 7 to heaven, 7 steps to success, 7 horses of the Sun

The entire logo also looks like a “Katiyar” weapon kept close to the body used only for self protection. When we perform we will have power of a Katiyar to have an impact on the audience and the intricate design depicts the detailing and spread positivity throughout!

The colors are inspired by the Almighty Sun and the blue tones from Lord Krishna!

Everything happens here under the Sun in the style of Krishna Leela!

Uttam Hasabnis thanks a ton!
This logo was inaugurated by The Milind Gunaji, a multifaceted pesonality on 2nd January in an Art Gallery with housefull audience to witness.
There was energy, grace and opulence through out!

This is the story of the RC logo which has just began!!!

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