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Radhika believes in providing knowledge which is contemporary to the industry yet impart the basic tools and techniques known through years of experience and expertise. She believes actors are always in search of an opportunity to perform; in fact they should crave for it. Recently she organised a mono-acting event for kids between the age group of 7 to 14 from different schools of Pune, to satiate the hunger of these young actors.

There were around 50 participants at this event. She called it an event and not competition because there was no competition. All were winners and were only competing against themselves. At the same time, she made it a point that the performers are being watched by the actors, mentors and directors of the industry, who are not only motivating but, also have a charismatic aura, whose blessings lit up the eyes of the budding actors. Encouragement and experienced words will help them to shape up their acting skills. Abhyangh Kuvalekar, Yogesh Phulphagar, Akshay Waghmare and Virajas Kulkarni, the celebrities of Pune witnessed the cute little talented future actors. Abhyangh who is also a mentor for upcoming models told the importance of drama and cat walk, Yogesh Phulphagar director of “Mejwani Rangatdar Kitchen” and many more explained what a director expects from an actor. Akshay apart from being an actor is a National Player. He talked about the importance of drama and sports and how his game has changed after knowing the basics of drama. Virajas Kulkarni who is a solo performer, mimic, brilliant actor and director shared his childhood memories and how he also started by participating in similar events and competitions. Radhika Deshpande stressed on how an actor is a leader within and how power of imagination can change the world within and outside you. Though there was no competition, the guests came to a decision that the best performers will get a chance to perform on a bigger stage on 18th Feb in a well-known theatre in Pune. Students made it a rocking show performing as Balagandharva, Amitabh Bachchan, a cat, Lily Singh, a boy, Kishor Kumar, maid, naughty boy, cricketer, Alice, an actor, lazy girl, and Muktabai. Varied emotions in all their colours were seen in one evening at DMIR presentation hall. Drama has the strength to bring audience from different cultures, backgrounds and interests together and entertain at the same time.

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