I want to become a good human being. I want to become a good actor and enter in Bollywood but along with this, I want to be well educated with a good graduation and post graduation degree in science, maths.

My experience of Radhika Creations was good. I enjoyed this class so much. There were so many friends in the class. Radhika Deshpande is a best drama teacher. We call her Raddy. She is very kind and lovely. She does so much masti. She has very good experience of drama. She taught us acting in a good way. I enjoyed the start up show, 2017. In drama there are four parts – Vachik, kayik, Aaharya, Satvik. I did mono acting in the show at Balgandharva Rangamandir in front of many celebrities and family and my 2nd std teacher Ms. Pooja D’souza. So I enjoyed this year in Radhika Creations Drama. I miss Raddy and all my friends.
Enjoy!!! ?

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