This is my third poem on “Samudra”. Written on 25/11/16 from the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari.
The trip to rock memorial (Swami Vivekanand) was a secret one. I call it an escape from the world, in search of oneself.
The poem is a conversation between him (the ocean) and me.

Samudra 3
I see you & you see me again
Again from a distance
Distance between you & me is constant
Constant like the stars of a constellation
On the rock; I stand still
And you? Still don’t take a stand
Why do you have to hate me like you love me?
And why do I have to love you like I hate you?
I come to you because you call me
Or do you call me because you need me?
You will be you and I will be me
From a distance
This distance is a space
Space just like us; unending and unmoved
Let’s breathe in it. Let’s take a plunge in this space and evaporate
Let’s have a final kiss
Let’s recover from this unending saga of love and hate and love again
I stand by, like the river on the bank
Will you be a man, at least take a stand?

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